You're in the right place. This Application guide will help you apply your lashes perfectly.

1  Measure your lashes

All eye shapes & sizes differ, so you may have to trim your lashes to fit. Hold the lash up to your eye to see if you need to cut it.

Tip: Apply the lash between 3 and 5 mm away from the inside corner of your eye for best results.

2  WIPE your eye AREA

It's important to give the liner a clean base to stick to. Before you apply your make-up, wipe your eye area with a cotton pad to remove oil or water residues.


3  shake your liner

To help distribute the magnetic particles for a stronger application.

Open your liner and swirl the brush around the inside top of the bottle. This will remove excess liner, and allow for a more precise application.

Tip: You may have to apply two coats when removing the excess, for a stronger hold.

4  apply Liner

Steady your hand by resting your elbow on a surface.

Place the liner brush as close to your lash line as possible, start applying the liner using short, controlled strokes.

Tip:  Angle the brush so that the long part rests against your skin

Made a mess? 

Take a quick break!

Our liner is specially formulated to work in 2 steps. It needs a few seconds to become tacky for optimum results.

Don't wait too long, just until tacky.


Using your applicator tool or your fingers, grab your lashes, ensuring you have a steady hold on them.

Position your lash, you'll find it easier to apply your lashes by looking down into a portable mirror.

5  adjust

You can adjust the position of your lashes while the liner is still slightly tacky. Simply use your fingers or a tool and apply light pressure.

Tip: If you remove the liner, you will need to re-apply some and wait for it to become tacky before you attempt to attach the lash again

6  LEave for 15 minutes to set in place

The unique bonding action can take up to 15 minutes to firmly set your lashes in place. For best results avoid touching the lashes during this time.

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